Rossi Ranch Honey is made here, on our ranch, in our Bee Apiaries in Fallbrook, California. Our bees roam free to collect nectar from the blossoms of our avocado trees, our citrus trees, and the natural sage and wildflowers that bloom in and around our ranch.

Since we do not use sprays, herbicides or pesticides the results are the best tasting organic, all-natural honey you’ll find. Unpasteurized, unprocessed, unheated to ensure the best quality control and the result is clean, raw, and natural honey

rossi ranch honey aviary californiaOnce our honey is ready to be extracted, we centrifuge the honey from the comb and place the comb back into the hive. The honey is then bottled, labeled, and delivered to your table.

Our raw organic bee pollen falls from the bees legs and is collected at the bottom of our hives. We meticulously hand separate it from unwanted particles so you get the finest, purest pollen available.