The Gwen avocado, a descendent of the famed Hass variety, has thick,pebbly skin like the Hass but has a rounder shape and is slightly in size. It also remains green in color when ripe, unlike the Hass which turns black. The Gwen has a small tight seed in its creamy gold-green flesh, and it offers a superb nutty flavor and buttery texture.

Gwens can certainly be a heavy producer, and its fruit is set in huge numbers uniformly throughout the tree. Gwen avocados are available in the summer months. These avocados are known for their plump oval fruit, small to medium seed, easy peeling and of course…great taste.


The Gwen avocado was developed by Dr. Bob Bergh of the Univdersity of California, Riverside, and officially patented in October 1984.

excerpts from: speciality produce and the California Avocado Commission