Our Ranch Story

Rossi Ranch is a family owned and operated avocado ranch located in the beautiful and sunny hills of Rainbow, California. With two children and one on the way we left our city home and purchased what was to become Rossi Ranch in 1997 and simply enjoyed the country lifestyle to raise our family. Over the years, Farmer Joe’s love for the land and avocado production grew and we have since turned it into a full time business with 16 acres and a total of 1,300 trees. Farmer Joe’s passion and expertise are a result of thorough research and the science of avocado production. There is no stone left unturned when it comes to producing the most delicious and buttery-fleshed fruit on the market!

With the amount of trees and property that need to be tended to on a daily basis, our family works together to ensure that the fruit you receive is well taken care of and picked at it’s most pristine timing. Our three children Joe Jr. (26) Jackson (24) and Rebecca (19) all learned the ropes at an early age and are educated in all things grove related whether it’s stumping and painting trees to proper irrigation methods. Mama Rossi handles the orders and shipments of the avocados and makes sure you receive beautiful fruit in a timely manner! Rossi Ranch is truly a family run operation and our fruit is a product of our labor so thank you for supporting our family and business!