Also called alligator pear,the fruit of the avocado tree yields a oil-rich flesh surrounding a ping pong ball size seed in its core. The variety Zutano produces green-skinned fruit but more importantly acts as a pollinator for the delicious Hass tree variety. This variety resembles the Fuerte avocado with its pear shape and thin glossy skin which remains green even when ripe.  Grow them in lots of sunshine and a moist, well draining soil rich in organic matter.

The Zutanos are lower in oil but have a high water content and slightly fibrous texture. They are harvested from mid-autumn to late winter.


The Zutano avocado originated in Fallbrook,CA at the hands of R.L Ruitt in 1926. Zutano avocados were popular in the late 20th century, but today they are not typically grown for commercial production.

excerpts from: speciality produce