The Hass avocado is known for its fairly thick skin that turns nearly black when ripe. Hass avocados flavor reflects its texture-creamy and smooth with a nutty and sweet texture. This variety is known for its oval shape, small to medium seed, easy peeling and great taste. You will know when it is ripe when the fruit yields to gentle pressure.

Hass avocados seasons vary depending on the growing region. California avocados are in season from February through October. Though there are hundreds of varieties of  avocados, the Hass avocado has become the benchmark avocado for commercial production. Its long growing season, prolific fruit production and shipping tolerance are virtues that make the Hass the standard market avocado.


The Hass avocado is a native to La Habra Heights,California. The very first Hass avocado tree was planted from seed (an avocado pit) in the early 1920’s by A.R Rideout. He sold a seedling to Rudolph Hass and it was that seedling that turned a single seed into a tree fruit.

excerpts from: speciality produce and the California Avocado Commission