The Fuerte Avocado is a medium to large fruit with an elongated pyriform (pear) shape ranging from around five to sixteen ounces. Its skin is smooth, easy to peel and its flesh is thick, yellow and 18% oil. Its flavor is deliciously rich, creamy flavor is praised in particular for its nutty undertones often likened to hazelnut, and a finish that’s quite clean, almost lemony, grassy in nature. This avocado is a green-skinned variety with darker speckles, meaning it does not darken as it ripens; instead, ripeness can be judged when the avocado gently yields to pressure.


In 1913 the variety earned the name “Fuerte” (meaning “strong” in Spanish) when several young trees at West India Gardens survived an unusually long bout of freezing temperatures in the area. Brought from Mexico to the United States in 1911, the first Fuerte avocado orchard in the United States was planted by J. T. Whedon on property in Yorba Linda.