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Unfortunately, All Good Things Must Come to an End

It has been said that all good things must one day come to an end. Unfortunately, that day came to Rossi Ranch Avocados and we have had to end our farming business that started back in 1997, when we first purchased this land.

While we have tried to keep our business going, our trees growing and producing fruit, the increased costs of doing business here in California have now made it virtually impossible.

Each one of you has been such loyal and valuable customers and part of our extended family. We hope that our avocados and honey added something special to your lives and we wish you all the best going forward.

Thank you and ‘til we meet again,

Farmer Joe and Denise Rossi

Order your hand selected avocados today! Orders are picked, packed and shipped Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Thank you to Rossi Ranch Avocados in Fallbrook California for sending me 6 large and delicious avocados. They were hand selected and sent immediately after being picked off the tree. You will notice a huge difference in how they taste.

Wendi B.

Durango, Colorado

Just received my picked and packed and shipped to table fresh Southern California avocados from my cousins “Rossi Ranch Avocados”. Honestly, only slightly more expensive than in stores here in Rhode Island but so FRESH AND DELICIOUS…absolutely no comparison. Support a fabulous small business! 

Leanne B.

Lincoln, Rhode Island

I forgot how wonderful California avocados are at their peak. It was like working with butter. A couple of spices and I had the perfect guacamole, everyone loved it! We were all originally from California so it was fun to pass on where the avocados came from. Thanks again Denise and Rossi Ranch!

Linda A.

West Linn, Oregon