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Avocados are grown throughout the world in countries such as the USA, Peru, Chile, South Africa, New Zealand and the largest producer being Mexico. When you go to your local grocery store you are very likely spotting avocados from one of these countries and maybe even California grown avocados. Unfortunately in a lot of cases they are small, unattractive, overripe and once you get them home and cut them open, rotten. Avocados are the only fruit in the world that does not ripen until you pick them and with a short shelf life of five to seven days creates a problem for the food handlers. To slow down the ripening process they immediately stick the avocados in cold storage for weeks until it reaches your local stores. Unfortunately not the best way to ripen avocados.

California is uniquely situated in the world with our many micro climates to grow the best tasting avocados in the world. California avocados are in demand throughout the world attaining premium pricing because they are simply the best. Rossi Ranch takes pride in producing top of the line fruit. Located in the rolling hills of Rainbow in San Diego county our avocados are cared for and tended to daily by Farmer Joe. When placing an order for creamy and delicious avocados to be delivered to your doorstep, we bring them directly from our trees to your table! Your order is hand picked and shipped the same day arriving 2-3 days later and can ripen the way they are naturally intended. So within a short week of ordering you can whip up the freshest, creamiest bowl of guacamole and experience the best avocados grown from Rossi Ranch.*

Farmer Joe

*We use the United States Postal Service Priority Shipping (USPS Priority Mail) and although we will do our best to ship every order on time, once the shipments leave our farm we have no guarantee of arrival times which can in limited cases be affected by weather, holidays, and uncontrolled circumstances.

Order your hand selected avocados today! Orders are picked, packed and shipped Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Thank you to Rossi Ranch Avocados in Fallbrook California for sending me 6 large and delicious avocados. They were hand selected and sent immediately after being picked off the tree. You will notice a huge difference in how they taste.

Wendi B.

Durango, Colorado

Just received my picked and packed and shipped to table fresh Southern California avocados from my cousins “Rossi Ranch Avocados”. Honestly, only slightly more expensive than in stores here in Rhode Island but so FRESH AND DELICIOUS…absolutely no comparison. Support a fabulous small business! $22.00 for 6 avocados picked by Denise or Joe and packed and sent to your door! SO worth it!

Leanne B.

Lincoln, Rhode Island

I forgot how wonderful California avocados are at their peak. It was like working with butter. A couple of spices and I had the perfect guacamole, everyone loved it! We were all originally from California so it was fun to pass on where the avocados came from. Thanks again Denise and Rossi Ranch!

Linda A.

West Linn, Oregon


  1. Casey epper

    Best ever. Must order more!!

  2. Joanne Eddy

    Can’t wait! Do you pull the from the branch or cut above and leave a small part of stem attached

  3. Susan Brusco

    Do you ship to Tn?

    • Rossi Ranch

      Yes, we ship to Tennessee. Please note that we will be shipping out last avocados for the season this Tuesday, so if you plan on ordering please do so by Friday. Thank you, Farmer Joe.

  4. Elizabeth Daugherty

    can we go to the ranch and get some freshly picked?

  5. Brenda Naranjo

    My daughter just got her box in Cumming Georgia One jar broke. Honey everywhere !!! After washing everything is ok. Can you please send her another jar of honey.it had. 3 jars and 6 avacados. Thank you

    • Rossi Ranch

      Brenda, we sorry to hear about the honey. We will reach out to your daughter and find out the flavor and have a replacement sent out asap. Thank you.

  6. Tracy Robar

    These were the best avocados I have ever eaten. They were packed well and shipped quickly, all the way to Georgia! I plan to order again; this is a really great gift idea if you are looking for something different and far more useful than a flower arrangement. I especially appreciated the handwritten note, guide for ripening, and the recipe booklet. Support USA businesses!

    • Rossi Ranch

      Thank you so very much Tracy for your comment and support of our small business. We are so very happy to hear that our avocados were so well received and that you loved them as much as we do!! Looking forward to sending you more in the future!

  7. Krys

    What months are in your season for avocados?

    • Rossi Ranch

      Normally avocado season runs from mid-December to around July 4th. It just depends on the trees.


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