Thank you to Rossi Ranch Avocados in Fallbrook California for sending me 6 large and delicious avocados. They were hand selected and sent immediately after being picked off the tree. You will notice a huge difference in how they taste.

Wendi B.

Durango, Colorado

These are absolutely the very best avocados I have ever eaten!

Roberta T.

Vista, California

No joke!! The best avocados I have EVER had! Smoothest, creamiest, tastiest avocados on the planet!

Noelle R.

Fallbrook, California

Got my order in two days, picked fresh from the tree. Not only are they bigger than the supermarket ones, the taste is superior!

Mark E.

Coral Springs, Florida

The best avocados we’ve ever had the pleasure of eating. Even our toddler knows that the best avocados come from Mr. Rossis trees.

Aaron J.

San Marcos, California

I love avocados but these taste extra sweet since the people who grow them do so with love!

Michael L.

Las Vegas, Nevada

These are by far the BEST avocados I’ve ever eaten! Once you try them you will never go back to store bought fruit.

Kelly R.

Fallbrook, California

Beautiful creamy avocados. Good to eat and good for you! We love them!

Lynn M.

Fullerton, California

Yours are the best! Creamy, flavorful and beautiful!

Debbie S.

San Diego, California

Just received my picked and packed and shipped to table fresh Southern California avocados from my cousins “Rossi Ranch Avocados”. Honestly, only slightly more expensive than in stores here in Rhode Island but so FRESH AND DELICIOUS…absolutely no comparison. Support a fabulous small business! $22.00 for 6 avocados picked by Denise or Joe and packed and sent to your door! SO worth it!

Leanne B.

Lincoln, Rhode Island

I forgot how wonderful California avocados are at their peak. It was like working with butter. A couple of spices and I had the perfect guacamole, everyone loved it! We were all originally from California so it was fun to pass on where the avocados came from. Thanks again Denise and Rossi Ranch!

Linda A.

West Linn, Oregon